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NY - Nassau County (North Shore) Chapter

Event: A Haunted & Magical Evening with psychic, artist and healer, Daniel Akner

October 5, 2017 @ 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

FEE:  $30 per person (CASH ONLY) 
Here is what Daniel and I discussed for our special and intimate gathering:
*Daniel will conduct a mini-reading for each participant.
*Each person will receive and select a generous Quartz Crystal that was blessed this summer in the bright sunlight as the sea.
*Daniel will even bring a painting or 2.  (He is an amazing artist since he was 2 years old) The organic colors will heal & dazzle your eyes while Daniel soothingly speaks.  It is important to relax. It enhances receptivity to learning.
*Daniel will begin with a very brief introduction about himself & then go right into “All Things Metaphysical”
*He will discuss the healing qualities of 100% pure essential oils.
*He will also discuss the energy forces that are emitted from Crystals.
*In addition, he would also like to conduct a spontaneous healing for one or two lucky members of the group.  He will use his special “Bone Tuning Forks”.  They’re astonishing!  He will tailor
 the healing, though, in such a way that all the gals will benefit from the Healing session.  Even those that weren’t specifically worked with.  He will even use some “Icon Tears” that was received as a gift, via a Roman Catholic Church
to anoint the Lucky “Healee’s”.  That will be awesome!!!!
 In Daniel’s words, “The night is promised to be haunted & enchanting (as October always is).  The Season of Authentic Magick & Genuine Mysticism!”