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NJ - Morris County Chapter

Event: Creating Vision Boards

January 19 @ 7:00 pm

With the new year upon us, take some time for self-care and deliberate, peaceful reflection on 2022 and dreaming for 2023. Join us as we hold space to create our own personal vision boards, or perhaps update your current, vision board, for 2023. A vision board, at its core, is a visual representation of all the things that you want to do, be, and have in your life. Our goal in this workshop is to create a daily visual reminder to carry us through the year. Since we are powerfully influenced by what we see, vision boards serve as reminders, especially when placed in a strategic location.

We’ll flip through print material for images and quotes that embody the future that you desire for yourself. We will work on our own boards in real-time, while chatting and catching up with one another, and hopefully have a finished project by the end!

We will have some materials on hand, but encourage you to bring your own supplies.

Recommended Materials:
• A board – size is your preference, you’ll just want it to be large enough for you to see daily (canvas, poster board, foam core, corkboard, pin board, or even a side of a cardboard box)
• Any magazines, flyers, photos, other media (that you can cut out) with pictures or words – bring at least one! And any other embellishments you may want (stickers, ribbons, stamps, etc.)
• 3X5 note cards (best if colorful) for quotes or sayings – you can also write directly on your board
• Glue or tape, or push pins if using a pin board
• Scissors
• Colorful pens, markers, highlighters, etc.
• A willingness to be inspired!
Join us at the Randolph Township Library in the Conference Room. As soon as you walk through the front doors make an immediate right. You will see a door with a ‘Conference Room’ sign above it.

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