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MD - Montgomery County Chapter

Event: Create and Deepen Friendships Playshop

March 26 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Do you feel like you don’t have enough time and/or emotional energy to devote to deepening and enjoying your existing friendships or finding new ones? Do you wish you could slow down, relax, laugh, cry and play with someone who really knows and appreciates you? Do you wish there were more safe, nurturing, supportive grown-ups who really have your back in both emotional and practical ways?

In this “sneaky deep” in-person playshop we will use storytelling, expressive movement, tapping and other mind-body practices to take a breath, relax, and explore our heart’s desires as it relates to friendship.

This playshop is designed to be enjoyed by persons of all genders, parents and non-parents alike.

What we will do during the playshop:

1) Do some gentle movement, to ground into body/heart
2) Explore what friendship means to us, individually and collectively
3) Use tapping to clear some of the typical blocks – lack of time or emotional energy, not feeling valued, appreciated, or understood, being exhausted by non-reciprocal or non-fun relationships, or simply being too tense and not remembering how to play
5) Share and celebrate emotional wins ?

Elena Khazanova is a holistic psychotherapist, a bodyworker, a certified Reiki, EFT and Theta Healing practitioner, a certified Interplay leader, a life coach, and a good-friend-in-training. She is grateful to her multi-layered, multidimensional, multi-cultural network of amazing beings for picking her up when she’s down and jumping for joy when she’s up.

Location: 18012 Mateny Road Germantown, MD 20874