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FL - South Florida Chapter

Event: Get Empowered with Energy Tapping

May 16, 2018 @ 8:00 pm - 9:30 pm

This Energy Tapping class, lead by Suzanne Gundersen of Transformed Connections, is for parents who would like to learn an easy self-use acupressure technique that helps adults and children manage stress.

Energy Tapping repairs and restores harmony and peace in the mind body so that you can shift away from stress and begin to live authentically with genuine aliveness. Learn what the Mind Body connection is all about. Gain an understanding for how we’ve conditioned ourselves to live in Chronic Stress and how it diminishes our self worth and ability to live, parent, and have healthy relationships.

This class is for anyone who has ever been disappointed, betrayed, stressed out, or feels depleted with no support, worried about their kids, or is self-critical of their parenting. Tapping is a great tool to also share with children who may be dealing with text anxiety, bullying, or life pressure.

About Suzanne Gundersen, MindBody Specialist:

Suzanne works in Stress Relief and Body Trauma. She helps those struggling with stress, anxiety, body tension, trauma (developmental and event), to reconnect with their lives, their bodes and their relationships. She’s passionate about helping others feel more connected and fulfilled. Her work includes public speaking, teaching classes, workshops, and hosting retreats. She teaches easy to learn, self-use tools that can empower anyone to live with aliveness. The tools she shares are: Energy Medicine/Exercises (simple body movements to wake up and circulate the energy body), Meridian Tapping (tapping on energy points to integrate the mind and body). TRE (Tension & Trauma Release Exercises; (nervous system body shaking to release body tension and reset body rhythm) and Sound Healing (high frequency tuning forks).

You may connect with Suzanne here: https://www.transformedconnections.com/