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NH - Hillsborough County Chapter

Event: Maximizing Mother’s Intuition

March 21 @ 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Learn to trust your gut, boost your confidence, and deepen your bond with your child at our event Maximizing Mother’s Intuition!

Maximizing Mother’s Intuition: Parenting with Confidence and Insight

In this fun, informative and experiential workshop, we will explore the concept of “mother’s intuition” and provide practical techniques for mothers to access and strengthen their intuitive connection with their children. Through a dynamic blend of presentation, discussion, and experiential exercises, participants will gain insights into intuition, learn practical techniques to access and enhance their intuition, and discover how it can be a valuable tool in parenting.

About our Speaker, Dumari St Angelo:

Driven by an unwavering commitment to personal growth and empowerment, Dumari embarked on her transformative journey in 1998 determined to cultivate and refine her intuition to access higher guidance. Over the past two decades, she has evolved into a respected Life Transformed® Intuitive Coach, True Love Coach, and channel for the White Light Council, drawing upon her extensive experience to guide others toward inner clarity, direction, and self-empowerment.
With a delightful blend of expertise and playfulness, Dumari offers invaluable support to individuals seeking to access their inner wisdom and embrace their true selves fully. Her profound grasp of intuitive principles and her genuine passion for uplifting others continue to inspire and empower those she encounters.

FUN FACT: Twenty years ago, Dumari followed a powerful intuition that led her to start this HMN Hillsborough County chapter, a testament to her dedication to empowering local holistically-minded mothers like herself!

More about our Hillsborough Holistic Mom’s Network:
The Holistic Moms Network is a national non-profit organization providing information and support for people interested in natural living, holistic health, and gentle parenting. Everyone is welcome to attend our monthly gatherings to try out one or two events before becoming a member. Find more information at www.holisticmoms.org

As always, babes in arms are welcome to attend! The meeting begins with registration at 7:15, with the workshop occurring around 7:30 – 9:30. Plenty of on-site parking. Our meeting is held at the Spinal Corrective Center, just off 101A on the Milford/ Amherst line (next to the Shoe Box and Montessori school), and are free and open to the public, so that soon-to-be members can give us a test-drive to see if you’ve finally found your “tribe” within our Holistic Moms Network Hillsborough County, NH Chapter.

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