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NJ - Essex County Chapter

Event: Members Only: Birthing Mandala Craft Time

October 4, 2015 @ 3:30 pm

Expecting and reflecting mamas are invited! To contemplate future or past birthing experiences through art! Together we can imagine and reimagine the experience of birth through art and conversation.

We will draw, paint, cut, paste and create a circle birthing mandala. Art materials will be provided, please bring images you have created or that you have cut from magazines/books that inspire you in your vision of birthing or motherhood.

What is a Birthing Mandala?
Mandala (Sanskrit word for disk) are images found all over the world and embedded into our cultural psyche. The circle is probably one of the oldest images of mankind.

For birth art the mandala is perfect because it is the shape of pregnancy itself. The circle holds feminine energy & endless perfection. It is soft and curvaceous and represents the continuation and cycle of new life. andalas go deep into the core of our psyche, with change happening on a cellular level, which can be very helpful for women that have undergone a difficult birth experience.

Mandalas can be an excellent way to prepare for birth, release fears and negativity we may be holding, turning an old story into a new positive one. By the process of going inward, women have a chance to get in touch with their spiritual side, as birth is a sacred transformational experience. By creating a healing mandala, new powerful stories come forth, one that is peaceful for our wombs.