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NJ - Monmouth County (East) Chapter

Event: Monthly Gathering: Maternal Mental Health and Pelvic Floor PT

July 9, 2021 @ 9:45 am - 11:00 am

Come join for a presentation by Powerful Women’s Health about Pelvic Floor PT and Maternal Mental Health — 10 Things Moms Don’t Have to Learn the Hard Way We’re going to talk about arming women with women’s health info that doesn’t get spoken about in mainstream discourse, pelvic floor and common dysfunctions that can be improved or alleviated with PT, normalizing mental health care, postpartum anxiety and other emotional challenges that exist beyond postpartum depression. Sam, an LCSW, and Kim, a Pelvic Floor PT, are sisters who grew up in North Jersey, and after living in various other places, have settled in Monmouth County. Both Sam and Kim recognize the unique physical and emotional needs of women, especially during an enormously complex transitional period of their lives, frequently suffering and struggling in silence. Through their shared enthusiasm and compassion, they decided to join forces, spread awareness, and maximize the power of their work as a team, focusing on both the mind and body.