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CA - Mt. Diablo (Pleasant Hill - Walnut Creek) Chapter

Event: Monthly Meeting: 3 Mistakes Busy Moms Make That Keep Them Sick, Tired, & Stressed Out with Tomasa Macapinlac

November 7, 2016 @ 7:00 pm

Parenthood is one of the most beautiful rites of passage in our lives, and yet it is one of the fastest ways that we grow personally but also age quickly if we find ourselves out of balance with fatigue, anxiety, and stress.  Learn: What you can do to energize yourself in 30 seconds or less An easy hands-on tool to help you surrender to all of your responsibilities and still get everything accomplished The compelling reason why you want to stop making these mistakes that will ensure you are around to see your kids grow up How to keep your cool when your buttons are pushed  Yes, it’s time to move beyond nutrition and exercise…to go deeper…and give yourself the care that increases your body’s life span and take years off of your age!

Our meetings are free for first time guests and HMN members so come and bring a friend along. Meetings are kid-friendly and childcare is available if we are aware of your need in advance (no later than 2 pm on the meeting day, please).

Tomasa Macapinlac’s clients are always mistaken to be younger than what they actually are. Tomasa can help you put years on your life span and take years off your face with no potions, lotions or knife.  With 19 years of experience in Asian Bodywork Therapy blended with her initiation as a Shaman, Tomasa deeply understands why her clients feel tired and stuck on the hamster wheel of life and teaches them how to create profitable, healthy change. Her work brings a unique perspective by blending the physical world with each person’s inner guidance.  Tomasa is the creator of several visual and audio guided hands-on healing products, including 30 Days to a Vibrant, Healther, Younger You, The Basic Cold & Flu Prevention Kit, and her forthcoming book on a holistic lifestyle. Her healing work has been enjoyed by people all around the world.  In her years before becoming a healer, Tomasa earned a degree in electrical engineering from UC Berkeley. She was an award winning hi-tech salesperson for HP, Motorola, and Windriver (now Intel).   You can find Tomasa and download her free resources at www.selfcarequeendom.com.