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NY - Rochester Chapter

Event: Monthly Meeting: Bringing Homeopathy Home! Homeopathy for Beginners with Amity Engleson, CHom.

February 9, 2015 @ 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Every wonder how and why homeopathy works? Amity Engleson, CHom is a classically trained homeopathic who will introduce you to the basis of homeopathy – “like cures like” – and teach fundamental remedies to use at home. A graduate from the Homeopathy School of Colorado in 2009, Amity Engleson, CHom is a classically trained homeopath. Classical Homeopathy is where one homeopathic remedy is given at a time and changed as necessary. This ensures that we know if the remedy worked or did not work which can be confusing if multiple or combination remedies are given. Currently, Amity is part of the wellness team at East Side Wellness Center in Fairport. Using her past fields of study, she especially enjoys helping children and pregnant women find health and balance through homeopathy. Join us to learn more about healing with homeopathy and Amity’s journey that brought her to us!