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CA - San Diego (North County) Chapter

Event: Monthly Meeting: Dog and Child Safety

June 14, 2016 @ 6:30 pm

Please join the Holistic Moms Network for a wonderful presentation by Bethany Cunningham, Certified Professional Dog Trainer, as she shares with us her evidence based advice on our children & the family pet. Bethany educates parents on dog & child safety using a method of training that is in line with attachment parenting. Bethany Cunningham, cpdt-ka, works with all types of behavior issues, but specializes in dogs with fear, reactivity, or dog-child and family dog dynamics. Using force-free, scientifically based training techniques, bethany is passionate about helping people develop the best relationship they can with their dog(s), and loves helping handlers and dogs feel empowered to navigate life’s challenges together. Bethany also is passionate about promoting safe dynamics between children and dogs, and strongly encourages families to learn to “speak dog” so they can more safely and happily include family pets. www.trainingbyconnection.com.