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IL - Chicago Area Chapter

Event: Monthly Meeting: February 7: Energy Healing for the WHOLE Family with Kelly Goetz

February 7, 2017 @ 7:00 pm

My goal is to connect to your heart and empower you to shift and transform your life through the use and practice of Energy Medicine.

After a short overview on what Energy Medicine is, our time will be experiential and be spent learning and discovering clues about our bodies’ energy–what strengthens us or weakens us and how to be empowered to quickly restore and shift our energy through the practice of simple energy medicine exercises.  I encourage guests to volunteer to have their energy tested, as this will give you first hand awareness and knowledge of what is occurring in your own body.  Everyone will then learn the appropriate exercise to shift the symptom that shows up.

Each participant will receive a handout reminder so they can easily recreate the experience at home with their families.  Utilizing energy medicine daily will create more energy, clarity, peace and ease in moving through life’s day to day stressors. When we truly tap into our bodies’ wisdom and feel, we ultimately heal.

Join me as we begin to explore the 9 different energy systems we all have from Donna Eden’s Award Winning Book, Energy Medicine:  Auras, Electrics, Meridians, Chakras, Basic Grid, Celtic Weave, 5 Rhythms (Elements), Triple Warmer and Radiant Circuits.

If you have specific questions, feel free to share comments and I will be happy to answer them.

Kelly Goetz, a professional Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology Practitioner since 2011, has a passion to empower her clients to achieve their own dreams and goals.  For some it is as simple as clearing subconscious limiting beliefs that holds an individual back from moving forward.  For others it is about teaching them to re-connect and listen to the wisdom of their bodies so they can heal and expand. In all cases, she knows that each individual’s soul and body have the answers it needs.  Kelly’s job is simply to facilitate and discover those answers with her clients using energy testing, intuition, and years of training in Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology, Forgiveness, Chinese Face Reading and many other healing tools.  As an Eden Energy Medicine Clinical Practitioner and Authorized Instructor, Kelly is honored to empower each client with wisdom and tools to transform their lives.

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