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CO - South Denver Chapter

Event: Monthly Meeting: Helping Your Body to Heal Itself with Dr. Marchon Schuler

February 10, 2020 @ 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Over 25 years ago, when Marchon was diagnosed with cancer it changed her life for the better. In that pivotal moment, natural medicine became her lifelong passion. She survived the cancer and learned that long before that diagnosis her body was warning her but she just didn’t know how to listen. Now, she is passionate about teaching others how to listen and respond to their body’s warning signs. If you give your body what it needs and remove its roadblocks to cure, it does an amazing job of restoring itself back to vibrant health. Dr. Marchon is a board certified Doctor of Natural Medicine, a Master Herbalist, a Classical Homeopath, and a Certified Natural Health Professional, trained in functional medicine, with over 20 years experience running her own Natural Health clinic. You can learn more about Dr. Marchon at https://healthrestored.com/