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CT - Greater Hartford Chapter

Event: Monthly Meeting: Soulful Parenting with Dr. Jennifer Thompson

February 26, 2015 @ 7:00 pm

Summary of Workshop

“Soul is not a thing, but a quality or a dimension of experiencing life and ourselves. It has to do with depth, value, relatedness, heart and personal substance.” – Thomas Moore

Soulful Parenting requires that you to step into your parenting experience with an openness and willingness to accept that parenting is difficult. The concept of Soulful Parenting came to me when I was having a hard time with my four year old son. Physically and emotionally exhausted, I was unsure if I could endure another day. I realized I needed to open up the experience of parenting him. That is when I thought of Soulful Parenting. Simply saying those two words relaxed me immediately. My shoulders loosened up and my anxiety decreased. If those two words could help me so quickly, what more could I do with this idea? I began writing what those words meant, and found myself moving from despair to hope.

This presentation is both didactic and experiential. You will learn more about the concept of “Soulful Parenting.” You will also engage in exercises meant to increase awareness about why you parent the way you do.

About Dr. Thompson:

I primarily work with teens and women treating anxiety and depression using techniques such as mindfulness and EMDR. I also focus on helping my clients find their voices and their inner strength so they can set boundaries and practice good self-care. My areas of specialty include; anxiety/depression, grief/loss, disordered eating, soulful parenting and women’s empowerment.

I have been fortunate to be immersed in this work that I love for the past 20 years. I have worked with teenagers, individuals, couples and groups. I have trained in Gestalt Psychotherapy, Co-Counseling, Yoga, and EMDR. I hold a Bachelors Degree in Child Psychology, a Masters Degree in Education and a Doctorate in Psychology. I am a Connecticut Licensed Professional Counselor. To learn more about me and the work I do please visit drjthompson.com.