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NJ - Essex County Chapter

Event: Monthly Meeting: Homeoprophylaxis with Amy Rozen

May 10, 2017 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Homeoprophylaxis is a method by which an infectious agent in homeopathic dilution (nosode) is administered to elicit an immune response.  The response elicited by a homeopathic nosode establishes the same process of learning for the immune system that a natural disease would. However, the immune system response to an HP nosode will always be mild and short-lived, and leave no permanent damage, only learning. This is because of the homeopathic dilution method. The goal of HP is to introduce into the human system the energetic components (nosodes) of particular diseases in order to stimulate the immune system to produce immunity. Homeoprophylaxis is not vaccination; nosodes do not have all the toxic ingredients and immune system modulators that vaccines have. HP  teaches the immune system how to respond if a person comes in contact with one of the diseases in the HP Program.
In this lecture, Amy will discuss the components of the Homeoprophylaxis program and its benefits. She will answer questions about HP and how your child may benefit from this program.
All are welcome! Members, non-members, and children.
Amy I. Rozen, RN, LCH (Licentiate from the College of Homeopathy) is the Founder and Director of The Remedy Center (http://theremedycenter.com), a wellness center in Morristown, NJ. Amy has been in practice as a homeopath for the past 20 years, having worked with thousands of clients of all ages and backgrounds, with a particular focus on families and children.
Having raised her own children holistically, Amy enjoys helping to empower parents to successfully implement natural healing modalities for their children and themselves, through constitutional homeopathy, acute care, and homeoprophylaxis (HP). Amy is also a Registered Nurse, which greatly informs her practice, and she is currently in the process of completing a Masters Degree at Simmons College of Nursing to become a Family Nurse Practitioner.
Amy earned her B.A. with Honors from Brandeis University, in Liberal Arts and painting, including a memorable year studying at S.A.C.I (Studio Arts Center International), in Florence, Italy. Amy discovered her passion of Homeopathy at the age of 24, and moved to London, England to study at The College of Homeopathy, a 3-year full-time training. During her training and through the years of her practice, Amy has continued to study with world-renowned homeopaths across the globe, including Jeremy & Camilla Sher, the Mumbai Group, and more recently, Alize Timmerman, with whom she organizes a yearly seminar for professional homeopaths each year.
Amy has volunteered for a month with Homeopathy for Health in Africa, in Tanzania. She has taught in the student clinic at the Center for Homeopathic Education in NYC and given lectures and workshops for many organization throughout her career. She is a certified member of the Homeopathic Nurses Association, Free and Healthy Children International, an organization dedicated to Homeoprophylaxis, and DONA, as a certified Doula. Amy practices her own eclectic style of homeopathy, blending the many methods and teachings she has studied over the years.