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Event: Monthly Meeting: January 9th: Decluttering–Bring Natural Order To Your Personal Spaces

January 9, 2018 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Angela Mosshamer of Natural Order:  Helping to bring Natural Order to our personal spaces

With the dawn of a new calendar year, I find many people are motivated to make positive changes to personal spaces so they can find a balance.  I strongly believe making changes has to start with your own personal space (you), and then tools can be applied to implement change in actual spaces.  For example, if my laundry room is overwhelming and causes an emotional and maybe a physical negative response, I first need to work through what is causing that before I can start organizing the laundry room itself.

I would like to walk through three steps that I find help people when they feel “stuck” and identifying what the Natural Order should be.  I will teach you how to apply tactical skills to achieve a more organized space.  This will lead you to more personal productivity and less stress.

In 2013 Angela Mosshamer started her organization business, Natural Order.  She has worked with clients on several projects that include but are not limited to unpacking, purging and organizing spaces in homes such as playrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, home offices, and garages.  Every client’s needs are different, but the main goal is always to make them feel more at ease in their space.  This allows them to function optimally with the tools she provides.  Angela strives to restore Natural Order for every client.  She can be reached at mosshamer.angela@gmail.com or (773) 633-6035.

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