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NY - Sayville Chapter

Event: Monthly Meeting: Keep Your Little Ones Healthy with Dr. Ianniello

October 19, 2015 @ 10:00 am

Nutrition Response Testing enables the body to express maximum health and fully repair itself with the right nutrients once properly tested.
Do your children have chronic symptoms that do not seem to resolve? Do you have a cupboard full of supplements and feel overwhelmed with what to give them? Do your children even need to take supplements? How much should they take each day?
Nutrition Response Testing can answer these questions for you. Through a non-invasive examination, underlying causes of your children’s minor and/or major health problems can be found and then specific nutrients to correct their bodies can be tested for.
Join us as Dr. Ianniello explains as well as demonstrates this unique system of healing. The foundation of your children’s health today will assure their growth into healthy, vibrant adults in the future!
Dr. Thomas J. Ianniello is a 1992 Graduate of New York Chiropractic College. He has been in private practice in his Miller Place, New York healing center, North Isle Wellness Center, since September, 1993. Additionally, he is a Master Clinician in the art of Nutrition Response Testing, a level reached by only 400 doctors globally to find root causes of nutritional deficiencies by a physical, non-invasive examination. In 2014, he became certified in the Instinct Based Medicine System of healing to address deep rooted stress related illness. This system was created and developed by Dr. Ianniello’s friend and mentor, Dr. Leonard Coldwell, a leading alternative Cancer cure expert for 40 years.