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VA - Northern Virginia Area Chapter

Event: Monthly Meeting: Open House & Book Exchange

October 8, 2019 @ 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Curious about Holistic Moms Network (HMN)? October’s Open House is the perfect month to come and check us out. We will give away a free membership! Current members and visitors are invited to come and join in a conversation around the 7 Fundamental Idea of Holistic Parenting (below). Share your ideas and experiences, and bring your questions! Also, you have a holistic-minded book that you are done with, bring it and see if another attendee could benefit from it (optional).

The Holistic Moms Network is a national non-profit organization that emphasizes community building and raising awareness, and welcomes parents wherever they are at in their holistic journey. We are not a single-issue group, but a community that honors diversity and tolerance as we strive to do the best that we can each and every day. We believe there are 7 fundamental ideals for holistic parenting:

1. Making informed and educated parenting decisions
2. Seeking respectful and nurturing relationships with others
3. Actively participating in our own healing process
4. Balancing and integrating the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of being
5. Teaching our children to respect and care about the natural world
6. Limiting our children’s exposure to advertising, marketing, and a consumer-driven culture
7. Living more simply and consuming less


Monthly meetings are open to members and first time visitors. Children and family members are welcome.

If you have visited us previously and this topic is appealing to you, please consider becoming a member or renewing your membership. Membership dues help pay for the events we hold. Our member-only events are always changing and have included playgroups, outings, Moms’ night outs, journal club, farm tours, field trips, great parties, and much more! Find more information at www.holisticmoms.org


Parking & Room Location: Please follow the signs into the church parking lot and around the back of the building to the “member parking.” (NOT in the front labeled “visitor parking.”) You can only enter the building at the door that has a sign that says Office/Stepping Stones. We meet upstairs in the large meeting room which is accessible via stairs (straight ahead) or elevator (to the left, down a hall).

*Holistic Moms is not affiliated with any church or religious group. We gratefully acknowledge FXCC’s donation of meeting space to our group.