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VA - Northern Virginia Area Chapter

Event: Monthly Meeting: Self Care Panel

November 14, 2017 @ 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

What does self-care look like in the midst of a hundred pulls on mind and body as you try to balance family, health, vocation, duties, and more? Join HMN of Northern Virginia to create a personalized self-care plan with the help of three speakers passionate about helping moms be their best self: Michelle Market (Licensed Professional Counselor and Wellness Coach), Kristy S. Rodriguez (Pre- and Postnatal Wellness Expert and Advocate), and Jenn Alcantara (Stay-At-Home-Mom and Entrepreneur).
Michelle Market is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Wellness Coach with a special interest in helping mothers feel better about themselves and to create more intention in their lives. As a mother of 3 children ages 15, 12, 11. She has a personal and professional interest in balancing motherhood. Michelle describes herself as a self-care enthusiast and a perfectionist in recovery. www.michellemarket.com
Kristy S. Rodriguez, pre- and postnatal wellness expert and advocate, is the owner and founder of Pure Nurture, LLC, which is devoted to educating and inspiring women to nurture and nourish themselves through pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period. As a Holistic Health Coach and Registered Yoga Teacher specializing in pre- and postnatal wellness, Kristy works with individual clients, as well as teaching classes and workshops, both in person and online. http://www.purenurture.com/
Jenn Alcantara currently works as a stay-at-home-mama, portrait photographer, fiber artist, graphic designer and PTA guru. Though grounded in a type ‘a’ personality, Jenn is an artistic spirit who enjoys playing around with a good many things. She is a dichotomy of personalities and finds life in all that is new, complex and seasonal. http://www.theenchantedpoppy.com/
Monthly meetings are open to members and first time visitors. Children and family members are welcome.
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Parking & Room Location: Please follow the signs into the church parking lot and around the back of the building to the “member parking.” (NOT in the front labeled “visitor parking.”) You can only enter the building at the door that has a sign that says Office/Stepping Stones. We meet upstairs in the large meeting room which is accessible via stairs (straight ahead) or elevator (to the left, down a hall).
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