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NJ - Essex County Chapter

Event: Monthly Meeting: Sourcing Food with Marie Reedell

February 8, 2017 @ 10:00 am

What is a co-op? How do I navigate the co-op world? What’s available in Essex County?

The growing trend of eating local healthful foods coupled with the advent of technology has allowed co-op culture to take off. A food co-op is a group of people who get together and, as a group, buy food in bulk straight from the farm or distributor. By cutting out the middleman (the grocery store), we can cut costs and support farms directly. We can also source foods that aren’t readily available in stores, such as raw milk, grass-fed organic meat, locally grown produce and grains, and bulk unpackaged items.

At this meeting, you will be presented with an overview of different types of co-ops, details about specific co-ops in our area, and tips on how to participate. And, of course, we will learn from each other and discuss our own personal experiences with co-ops. In the end, you should leave with a broad base of knowledge and the confidence to source some (if not all) of your food by joining the co-op culture of Essex County.

All are welcome! Members, non-members, and children