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CA - San Diego (North County) Chapter

Event: Monthly Meeting: Stress Management and Enhancing Your Communicative Skills

February 9, 2016 @ 6:30 pm

Our meeting will focus on stress management and strategies to enhance your communicative skills. We will have a fun art project accompanying our session to help us tap into some deeper emotions and behavioral patterns which you might not consciously be aware of (yet). You will gain a deeper understanding of YOU, and you will feel the powerful effect of art every time you look at the artwork you will create in this workshop.

Dr. Melda Baysal Walsh is a mother of two children and teaches a variety of pre-and postnatal workshops as well as the healing and bonding aspects of artwork. As a member of the Postpartum Health Alliance in San Diego, she also focuses on Postpartum Depression/Anxiety. She has her Ph.D. with an emphasis on German Orientalism, Women and Gender Studies, and Oriental Art, as well as several years of experience in using art as an effective “tool” to prepare, heal and bond. With her background in Women and Gender Studies, it is her passion to examine the “roles” of mothers and fathers within today’s family constellations from various standpoints. Her integrative educational approach benefits the development of your relationships during your parenting journeys.

Although all of the workshops have an individual focus, the core goal is to 1. prepare you for upcoming changes (pregnancy, birth, and parenthood), 2. to support you in bonding with your baby/child as well as your partner and 3. to heal from past “traumatic” experiences or find strategies to change some behavioral patterns which might be hindering you from enjoying your current situation to the fullest. All workshops integrate art into the curriculum. Using art is not only fun but also has a therapeutic effect while it stimulates your senses and connects your mind, body and soul. You can use art as a tool to process, transform, and cope with emotions, and you do not need to be artistically talented in order to benefit from the wonderful results art gives you. All you need to bring is your individuality, and art will come from within!