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NY - Manhattan and Westchester County Chapter

Event: Monthly Meeting: Share and Connect: Holistic Parenting Tips

March 28, 2015 @ 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Come join for an afternoon in sharing and connecting with other moms and caregivers around holistic parenting tips.

One of the main objective of Holistic Moms Network along the education is community creation. We want that each of us feels that there’s a true spirit of support among us and that we can openly and fearlessly share our philosophies, concerns, passions…

We’ve recently had 9 new members join and have not had a chance to meet with some older members either.

Our March meeting will be dedicated to getting to know each other better and to sharing our holistic passions.

We ask that you bring 1-3 holistic or organic items or tips that have really helped you along the way with your baby/toddler/child.
It can be anything… a book, a business card of a care provider, a website/blog written on a piece of paper, a quote that inspired you, a recipe, a movie, a photo of a friend or family member… etc.

Let’s gather together in a holistic spirit of sharing.

We hope to see many of you!!!!

Admission: FREE for members!

Please feel free to invite a friend, a family member or a colleague.
One meeting per year is free to attend by non-members.

Children are always welcome! Babywearing preferred over strollers due to limited space.

Let’s all be mindful about our space. We have a limited and separated space within the store and we want to stay there!