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CA - Mt. Diablo (Pleasant Hill - Walnut Creek) Chapter

Event: Monthly Meeting: Teach Your Kids to Have Money!

October 3, 2016 @ 7:00 pm

For our October meeting, Family Coach and Financial Advisor Rebecah Freeling will show us how to teach our kids to have money.

“Most Americans live paycheck to paycheck and more than two-thirds of us have fewer than $25,000 in retirement savings. This is a huge problem, and much of it is based on habit and bad information. After all, we’re not taught financial literacy in school! So it’s up to parents to teach our kids. But how do we teach what we don’t know?

Come to this workshop to learn tools and strategies to teach your child the value of work, money and savings. We’ll also spend some time showing you grownups how to save more effectively yourself! Because what you do today is what your kids will do tomorrow.”

The meeting is free to HMN members and first-time visitors so feel free to invite others. Children are welcome, and childcare is available if we are aware of the need for it in advance.

With a solid background in both education and financial services, Rebecah Freeling has worked with families and their children for over 20 years. Rebecah owned and directed a successful Waldorf-inspired early-childhood education center from 1999-2010; she’s managed her own accounting firm since 2011; and she’s also a licensed financial advisor with access to the industry’s most effective savings tools. One of Rebecah’s greatest joys is to help impulsive, “spirited” kids develop self-discipline, social skills, and social responsibility. Rebecah is also passionate about helping families and professional helpers develop the financial resources they need to retire comfortably – and permanently, without losing the income they’ve worked so hard to save.

For more info on Rebecah, visit: freelingandassociates.com andwitsendparenting.com.