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MA - Boston (Metrowest)

Event: Monthly Meeting: Laura Graye — Accessing, Honoring and Engaging in Our Greatest Gift: Mother’s Intuition

October 7, 2015 @ 7:00 pm

Join Laura Graye the evening of October 7th to learn the quantum perspective on how, we as mothers, access the subtle field of energy to connect to the answers we need for everything from selecting the right foods, schools, activities, and values in raising our children to loving our friends, family and spouses more deeply and finding our purpose. The evening will be an engaged learning exercise with a short lecture on subtle energy leading to an intuitive audience participation session and then a Q&A session for medical intuitive information the audience requests.

Laura Graye is an intuitive and scientist researching vibrational healing in Boston, MA. Using her powerful intuitive capabilities, a strong natural-born sense of the quantum human experience, a comprehensive understanding of metapsychology, and a broad based knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, Laura supports her clients at the most profound level. Laura holds a Masters of Science from Tufts Veterinary School, is a candidate for a doctorate in Natural Medicine and a Ph.D in Quantum Medicine. She also holds a Certificate in Energy Medicine and a Masters Reiki Certification.