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MD - Montgomery County Chapter

Event: Mouth Elements that Trigger Whole Body Health or Disease

February 20, 2022 @ 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Our speaker Dr. Kalpna Ranadive of Vedic Dental is an Ayurvedic and integrative dentist and combines the best of two worlds: old world traditions and contemporary dentistry.
Traditional Ayurvedic, Tibetan or Chinese Medicine does not focus on disease but rather on unbalancing factors that disturb the equilibrium, harmony, and peace in the entire body. Using the five elements as their guide and tools to rebalance and rejuvenate an ailing person, these ancient physicians left wonderful guidelines towards self-healing that can be used by anyone even today. These guidelines once understood and used properly can help anyone prevent disease and maintain health in all spectrums of life.
Mouth is a portal that gives a glimpse into the good, bad and ugly within the body. Since mouth is the only portal that can be opened and viewed directly, it is a very good diagnostic indicator of visible and invisible disease.
Learn how teeth alignment can cause or heal pain in whole body.
Learn how just five (5) elements can heal when in harmony and wreck havoc when in disharmony
Learn about teeth trigger points that can kill a tooth, trigger nerve and muscle damage and accelerate TMJ and Migraine problems.
Learn about technology that is available that can detect future problems using heat maps and wear analysis.
Could early and timely teeth intervention save you widespread problems including hip or knee replacement in the future?
Come and join us to find answers to this and more.
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