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NY - Rochester Chapter

Event: Nutrition Response Technique with Dr. Rachel Meegan-Iacchetta

June 12, 2017 @ 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Have you ever wondered if you could finally beat that afternoon fatigue?  Or just be able to get a full night’s sleep?  Maybe you wish your child could concentrate better at school, have less accidents at night, or avoid another cold. Dr. Rachel shares the amazing health benefits of NRT.  Learn the secrets of Nutrition Response Techique as Dr.Rachel explains how to connect nutrition and your family’s well being through this non-invasive system.
Dr. Rachel E. Meegan-Iacchetta from Lifetime Wellness Chiropractic has always been excited about serving others.  It is important to her that everyone has the opportunity to be able to perform the activities they love most!  Dr. Iacchetta has a unique whole body approach and uses a combination of chiropractic techniques, soft tissue work, clinical nutrition, NRT, cold laser therapy, and applied kinesiology (to name a few!) to help her patients feel their best.  It is never too late to experience health!  https://m.facebook.com/LifetimeWellnessPremierRochesterChiropractor/