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GA - Forsyth County Chapter

Event: Part 1: Cleanse your Home

November 8, 2016 @ 6:30 pm

Join us for the first of our 3 part series we will be covering over the next 3 months for in depth info on how to:

Cleanse your Home

Cleanse your Body

Cleanse your Soul

What’s in our homes, what we bring in our homes, what we use in our homes, what we keep in our homes, how we keep our homes, all play a big role in our overall health-physically, mentally and emotionally!  The first step to leading a more toxic free life is to understand what drags us down, adds to toxic load and leads to disease and weighs us down and stresses us out!  Let’s start with looking at what we can do to cleanse our home, in more ways then just using natural cleaner.

This series is going to be great.  Living a healthier lifestyle and knowing where to start can be overwhelming.  let’s start here, whether you are a veteran holistic natural momma or new to this area, we will all have something to glean that we can focus on and implement over the next month.