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NJ - Essex County Chapter

Event: Reconnecting with our body’s innate wisdom

November 14, 2018 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Our body is a sophisticated and highly intelligent machine. It constantly works to keep us healthy, balanced, and continually evolving. It works in harmony with nature to provide us with everything we need to live a pleasant, joyful life. Is it possible, though, that nature and the human body have erred in one respect? Is it possible that the female body fails us month after month, for as long as we are fertile and are able to create new life, causing us pain, shame and emotional discomfort? Is it possible that nature punishes women? Or, perhaps, things are working perfectly well, just as nature planned. Perhaps it is our culture that has driven us apart from our innate ability to go through life with ease, celebrating femininity? Perhaps, deep inside us, there is still a clear voice calling us back to ourselves, a voice that never gives up on us, waiting for the moment that we will reach out to it and listen. A magical moment that will transform our lives for the better.
Michal Jackson Mehler CTPM, LMT of Graceful Ease, teaches men, women and children how the body attempts to communicate its needs. Through exercises in breathing, relaxation, and gentle movement, she provides support for people as they take an active role in the healing process. She is particularly passionate about sharing with other women her knowledge of how to understand and master menstrual cycles, child birth, and postpartum naturally and gracefully.
All are welcome; members, non-members and kids.

Our Meeting Location:
Parking is available in the lot around the back of the church. The meeting is in the basement. Enter through the red door at the back of the building, and go down the stairs to the meeting room.

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