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CT - New Haven County (SW) Chapter

Event: Secret Ingredients Film Screening, Supported by Azure Standard

September 17, 2019 @ 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Join the Holistic Moms Network for a screening of SECRET INGREDIENTS, a compelling documentary that chronicles the devastating effects that GMOs, Roundup, and other chemicals on a group of adults and their children. Not only will we have free screening access to this film, but there will be a limited number of organic samples available at this event as well as documentaries for sale. The screening is supported by Azure Standard. Please RSVP to ensure there are enough seats. There will be a short discussion after the movie.

This thought-provoking, heart-rending film shares true stories of several families facing incomprehensible medical conditions. The film follows each family’s journey to discover why they suffer from numerous deleterious ailments. What is causing or exacerbating their autism, asthma, cancer, and infertility? As one, they arrive at the same conclusion. The culprits are the hidden ingredients in their food—GMOs, herbicides, and pesticides. Once they rid their diets of GMOs and these chemical poisons, their health rebounds. Scientists, doctors, and experts explain how chemicals, in particular Roundup herbicide and its chief poison glyphosate, are linked to the common maladies faced by most Americans. SECRET INGREDIENTS is a rare and riveting film that exposes a serious problem and delivers an instant life-changing solution.

About Holistic Moms Network

The mission of Holistic Moms Network, a nonprofit support and discussion network, is to connect parents who are interested in holistic health and green living. It welcomes people wherever they are on their own holistic path in an environment that does not judge. The New Haven County chapter follows the Holistic Moms Network’s drive to encourage parents to use their innate sense of what is best for their children and the Earth while learning more about healthcare and parenting options. Living healthy and living green is not an endpoint, but an ongoing journey.

Holistic Moms Network membership benefits including member DIY and Moms’ Night Out activities, access to closed Facebook chapter members-only group and HMN national members’ online Facebook community, access to Frontier Co-op wholesale buying prices and ordering, free access to homeopathic healing solutions e-course, FMTV Education online streaming subscription, HMN sponsor discounts, Organic Spa digital magazine subscription, customized Mabel’s Labels, and more.

Our meetings, open to the public, are the third Tuesday of each month at the Woodruff Family YMCA, 631 Orange Ave, Milford, CT. Children are welcome. RSVP to Tori Lawlor at tdavisca@aol.com or on the Facebook event. Visit www.holisticmoms.org or https://www.facebook.com/HMNNewHaven for more information.