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MA - Boston (Metrowest)

Event: Monthly Meeting: Shamanic Journeying with Brighid Murphy

April 5, 2017 @ 7:30 pm

Shamanic people recognize that everything in existence has a spirit and that everything is interconnected. The practice of shamanism allows one to travel or journey into unseen realms that exist outside of everyday (waking) reality. In this place, spiritual helpers and allies exist, providing wisdom and guidance for healing. Shamanism is not a religion – it is a way of being which includes a practiced system of techniques that address the spiritual and energetic nature of illness and imbalance. Shamans access an altered state of consciousness, typically with the aid of a drum or other percussive influence to engage their spirit helpers in addressing issues that place stress on the mind, body and soul.

During this workshop, we will discuss the practice of shamanic journeying as a way to connect with the spirit world, to bring back information for wisdom, guidance and healing. We will experience the power of the drum, the primary technology for shamanic journeying as we allow the rhythm of its heartbeat to connect us with our own.

We will also touch upon techniques of soul retrieval, extraction and other shamanic healing methods found in indigenous cultures worldwide.

Brighid Murphy, M.Msc. guides people to access their wellness and heal from within. A certified Shamanic Healer and Teacher, she works with artists, healers and creative people. Creating a solid and supportive container for healing, she helps people activate their vision and remove anything in the way of their power, purpose and growth. Brighid leads Wisdom of the Journey, a 9 month shamanic training designed to engage participants in their own shamanic journeywork practice.  Learn more about Brighid here.