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NY - Nassau County (North Shore) Chapter

Event: Autumn Tune-Up For The Soul with Psychic/Medium Daniel Akner

October 4, 2018 @ 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

FEE:  $35 per person (CASH ONLY) 
Here is what Daniel and I discussed for our special and intimate gathering:
*A brief, spiritual meditation to get us in the zone of peacefulness.
*A unique 3 card Divination/Reading for each participant. Everyone gets a psychic reading.  *Please note it is optional so if you are not interested in being read, you can pass.  1 card each from 3 different decks will help Daniel arrive at his messages to you. Not only his own deck that he loves working with but he will being using another deck that he adores, and a vintage deck from 1971.  He has never used it publicly before in his career. It will be a huge treat!  Daniel even mentioned that he is only allowing this 3 Divination Deck Reading for our ladies group only! It’s exclusive just for us!
*Each person will receive an astonishingly generous Quartz Crystal (most with rainbows) that he blessed this summer in the Magick Garden
*Each person will also receive, if they wish, a Pure Anointment of Padre Pio oil on their wrists.
*Daniel will even bring some of his gorgeous artwork for you to feast your eyes on.  (He is an amazing artist since he was 2 years old) The organic colors will heal & dazzle your eyes while Daniel soothingly speaks.  It is important to relax. He will also bring his gentle, ambient music so we can be in the moment.
*A few points that I can kindly and respectfully ask of you:
    (1) I know it is hard on week nights between getting the kids ready for bed time and leaving work at a reasonable hour.  If you can try to come 10 minutes earlier so we can collect payment and 
         settle in that would be great.  No matter what the latest we will start is 7:40pm as I want to be respectful of Daniel’s time and everyone else’s time.  Please be prepared as Daniel will be with us for
         most likely 2 hours depending on the number of people coming and the time he takes to read each person.
(2)  $35 – please bring exact change and cash only.  There will be no discounts.  Whether anyone comes late or has to leave early the fee will still be $35.00.  I am putting this evening together but
      Daniel is running the show and I want to be respectful of his service to us.