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WI - Lake Country Chapter

Event: Subconscious Connection through Drawing – Parents and Children

February 20, 2020 @ 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Join Jaimie Marie, Certified Advanced Energy Medicine Practitioner, as she walks you and your child through the process of subconscious connection. Adults and Children (at least 4+ years of age) will be guided through a fun, interactive art project. Once complete, children will be excused (we will have childcare at the library) and Jaimie will discuss in depth how the art held in your hand is a window into new connection with yourself and your child.

In order for us to know and understand ourselves, as well as our children, we must first break through the barrier of our Ego/Mind. The Ego is our energetic defense mechanism that give us a sense of safety and protection against the greater world around… but to truly connect with one another and our children, we must be able to get past defenses and to the subconscious truth we all carry within.

Through a proven creative drawing process, subconscious belief systems are ignited and true conversation and connection can begin. Understanding and supporting our children can only be done through understanding and supporting ourselves first.

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