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NY - Nassau County (North Shore) Chapter

Event: Temple of the Masters Energy Healing

September 26, 2018 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Joining Pauline Capalbo as she leads us for a  chakra meditation followed by a powerful energy healing at the Port Washington Salt Cave which will include a journey to Temple of the Masters. Your will experience not only an energy upgrade but a journey to meet and work with a Master to expand your consciousness and physical wellbeing. Breathing in Himalayan salted air while in meditation and receiving an energy healing will do more than heal and balance. It will detoxify, reduce inflammation and energize your system, plus give your thyroid a boost! First we will focus on each chakra using color and focus in a 15 minute guided meditation. Then, you’ll relax into the lounge chair and allow many galactic energy healing frequencies from the Masters, to recalibrate your entire energy field for another 30 minutes to harmonize your mind, body and soul, elevating your DNA and cellular structure. You’ll have time to rest and integrate at the end. Come with an intention to release something and awaken something new!

$60 Fee