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NH - Hillsborough County Chapter

Event: Vagus Nerve and Polyvagal Therapy

September 21, 2023 @ 7:15 pm - 9:30 pm

Join us and our guest speaker, homeopath, Tanya Renner, and explore the master Vagus Nerve and Polyvagal Theory to build a deeper state of calm.

You will learn about
· The Vagus Nerve
· The Fundamentals of Polyvagal Theory
· How to Identify Nervous System States and Blended States
· What you can do to shift states
· How to harmonize the Vagus Nerve to restore a sense of safety and connection.
Working effectively with the Vagus Nerve is a game-changer!
What to bring
· Old magazines
· Scissors
· Glue stick
· Pen and magic marker
· Poster board if you have it

Coming last minute? No worries about supplies. Simply bring yourself.

As always, babes in arms are welcome to attend and bringing along friends and family with you to the meeting is encouraged! The meeting begins with registration at 7:15, with the workshop occurring around 7:30 – 9:30. Plenty of on-site parking. Our meeting is held at the Spinal Corrective Center, just off 101A on the Milford/ Amherst line (next to the Shoe Box and Montessori school), and are free and open to the public, so that soon-to-be members can give us a test-drive to see if you’ve finally found your “tribe” within our Holistic Moms Network Hillsborough County, NH Chapter.

About Tanya Renner, Our HMN September Guest Speaker: Tanya Renner, CCH, RSHom(NA) is a Certified Homeopath, Life Coach, and educator with a private practice in New Hampshire. Tanya has served as a Core Faculty Member Teleosis Homeopathic Collaborative, LLC. Tanya has a particular interest in helping people discover how to strengthen their healing capacity while deepening resiliency by accessing simple, effective wellness strategies. Before coming to homeopathy in 2003, she worked in the environmental field as an environmental chemist.